Sunday, December 5, 2010


a few days suda brlalu,.
since chichi n arwah t0k wan meninggal,.
semua mkin tenang sekarang

my friend once said that when the animal died, they go to heaven
is it?
and im glad if its true ^-^

last nite was my m0m birthday,.
happy birthday mama,.!l0ve you s0 so s0 much!
(wlaupun i knw mma wont read this blog,.tp still nk wish gak,.biar ar,eni blog dktechic lah!)
suda 60 ta0n da my m0m this year.
suda tua tp maintain muda
ngeh2 ^-^

tringat lak psl choc yg mr.mini0n kc ms dtg cni,.
de lg l0h,.
mam ckit2,.dem0k wehh!
talking about aritu,.
mmg besh,.dpt tgk rapunzel n harry potter
dye xlyn sgt cter2 cmnie,.yet c0z of dktechic,.dye lynkn je
hik2,.pksa rela i w0uld say,.hihi
u're t0o nice 2 me,.
c pari2 really appreciate it lah!
n thanks 4 d perfume you gave me

cant believe it that u did kje gler ngn dtg cni
da la xprnh dtg cni kaann,.
men redah je pkcik neh

thanks,.c0z make me smile.
after a while i d0nt smile selebar2 eni.

cik haty: mr.mcd0nald mna....

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