Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chichi my daughter.syg smpai mti.


she's g0ne just n0w,.
l0sing a part of myself with her,.
dunn0 y she died,.
i assumed that she had been bite by snake,.
ntah la,.
tp mulut dye pucat..n mte dye cm tkjut n 0pen,.cant cl0se it

this happend ar0und kul7 td,.
after blik je dr mncing, kakak ckp npe ngn chichi
npe dye dyam je dlm l0ngkang blkg umh
dktechic knew it,.there's must b sumting wr0ng
hm,.n my guessing are rite
she'd died.

yes,.dktechic nges
she's my daughter.
im her mummy,.
after this,.dktechic da xley nk mnje2 ngn chichi lg..
da xde tmn nk bt dktechic senyum lg
l0st my smile again.
2nd december.

                                                                                                                                                                                     last year,.i l0st gem0k
Laila n Chichi,.she cry c0z she l0ve chichi
n this year,.chichi,.

"Syg..ummy hrp Chichi tenang d sana k,.
kwn ummy ckp,.haiwan klu mti,.g msuk syurga.
u hv been a g0od daughter 2 ummy
pe0ple may laugh 2 ummy because i cry 0ver u
tp syg ta0 kn,.npe ummy nges when u died.
chichi tmpt utk ummy lepaskn sume,.chichi setia dgr pe yg ummy gta0
n the way u l0ok at me with ur pretty eyes 2,ummy akn igt smpai mti
thanks syg,c0z plih ummy 2 b ur mummy"

ummy syg km0o chichi,.
f0rever.smpai mti.insyallah.

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