Monday, November 1, 2010

Human kan,.nm pun manusia

kdg2 daktechic xfaham,.
kenapa ada org yg still melaksanakn
"bercakap dalam dyam"
what's the definition of it?
let me explain to all of you,.

manusia eni ada mcm2 ragam
macam2 perangai,.
macam2 krenah
(eh,.cm sm je semua,.kann,.hihi)
bercakap dlm dyam neh for daktechic is like u're try 2 pretend in front of other yg km0o ske
0r km0o xde effect pape,.
yet,.actually de effect kt dri 0rg 2 n he or she try 2 voice out his or her thought dgn other method
lets say,.n0wadays yg plg senang is bl0g la kn,..

we tend 2 write everything yg kte xske about this,.about that,.bla bla n bla,...
(mcm yg daktechic tgh lakukan eni la,.hihi)
kenapa tidak suara kn shj all her or his criticism 2 kt org yg dia xbrpuas hati e2?
adakah e2 sgt ssh or sukar utk d lakukan?
is it complicated?


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