Friday, May 21, 2010

gud girl g0ne bad~

dunia skrg,.
kte kdg2 kne jd jaat,.
well yes,
after that musti ase regret ngn pe yg kte bt
tp 0rg2 skrg xkn dgr wut we trying 2 say if we're t0o nice
mcm teech airil ckp dlu,.
"tya,.u're nice girl,t0o nice,.i'm afraid, if u stil like dis ms kje, the others akn bully u,."

well teech, i'm listening 2 u,.
tya stil tya yg dlu
but she want 2 change
4 her better future

"people may jugde her as bad n0w,.but they dun kn0w what tya really felt inside her"

1 comment:

  1. I don't think that that girl Tya will be bad or evil. And people are WRONG if they judge her like that :-)

    She's just being a tougher nut, someone who is more brave and confident to FACE the world. GO GIRL!!!

    -teech d airil haimi-


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