Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lately,.rama2 trbang rendah~


Evryday u’ll make her smile


Cter n0n stop kt km0o

Drawing sumtink kt Ym, then gelakkn lukisan e2

Km0o akn edit pic 4 her

And so d0 her

Wlaupun km0o sntiasa bz

She’ll understand u

She’s waiting for u

D0nt bother when u d0in ur stuff

F0r her, u r her bff

Best fren f0rever

Yet n0w

She felt sumtink in her heart

Beatin’ fast

When u call

When she g0t mssge fr0m u

Saying “sweet w0rds

She will smile

Like she hit the jackp0t

She will smile all day l0ng

Alth0ugh its only a mssge


She head 0ver heels wit u now

Yet she scared

She scared dat u just t0ying wit her heart

F0ol her ar0und

F0r her n0w

Better she stay away fr0m u

N0t because u r bad guy

U r an angel t0 her

But its because

She n0t sure about your feeling

Whether u seri0us with her 0r n0t

0r maybe she 0verthink it

Maybe f0r u

“friend” will b y0ur status f0rever

If dat u think

Plz tell her

C0z she didn’t wan 2 fall t0o deeply

Neway,.she wanna thanks u

because u gave her sunshine

after the rain

give her h0pe

dat n0t all guy r d same


N0w, she dun wan 2 think anything

If u l0ve her

Plz say t0 her

N pro0f it 2 her

Because she’s d girl dat have l0ts of bad mem0ry

When it c0me t0 luv story

“Bitter heart

Try t0 keep it all inside

Bitter heart

Shad0w will help u try to hide”

Hm,…life,.l0ve.,.n0w she pretending laugh

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